What do you use SA for?

So far, when I talk to other users of Speech Analytics software it seems that there are two camps:

  • Those that use it for enforcement of their various correctional policies, i.e. did agent X cold transfer a caller after being educated about not doing so?
  • Voice of the customer analysis – Why are they calling? How can I improve their experience?

Which camp do you belong to? Or, are there other camps? Do you feel you are getting a good ROI on your product?


2 responses to “What do you use SA for?

  1. At these early stages with my SA experience, I’m seeing that clearly you can be of BOTH camps. The initial surfacing, research and analysis of the call is to find the voice of the customer, but when given an opportunity to recognize good CS skills or to give feedback for improvement, I’m sharing this freely. In addition, I’m finding opportunities to also recognize and give constructive feedback to production and other supporting departemnts on examples of when their internal processes and procedures are impacting the customer.

    • I think you may be on to something. I have found a lot of oppritunity for individual coaching. I run a lot of baselines for escations, satisfied callers, etc., and use this as criteria to identify agents with performance issues. I provide this to the agents leadership with suggestions for improvement. I think that SA offers such an oppritunity for capturing who your high performers are, and quantifying what makes them special.

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